New music now: The Shrine

Olivia Jaffe

The Shrine, blasting in black and white.

Venice, Calif., skate-rockers The Shrine let loose their record "Primitive Blast" earlier this year and are heading back out on the road to play it for you live. Before they do that, though, they thought they'd share a yet-unseen clip from a recent sit-down with their mentor and champion, original Black Flag bass player (and utter legend) Chuck Dukowski.

Oh, and give you access to an unreleased, exclusive banger off their new tour-only seven-inch, which you can get your grubs on here.

You saw -- and heard -- it here first, kids.

The tour (with Graveyard) starts Jan. 23 in Boston and shrieks across America through Feb. 23, where they take a final bow in Houston. Find the show in your town here. Get down on some Shrine webmastery here. And whet your appetite for their upcoming tour with this clip, while you're at it:

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