T.J. Lavin thanks fans, launches Forgiven

Following a traumatic head injury suffered at the Las Vegas Dew Tour Championships in October of last year, pro BMX dirt veteran T.J. Lavin has shown steady improvement in rehabilitation, speaking with the media on several occasions and now, speaking on behalf of his new business venture, Forgiven, which officially launched on Monday, Feb. 21.

"I'm co-owner of Forgiven. Forgiven is an alcohol metabolizer that runs alcohol through your system faster so you get sober quicker," said Lavin about the business venture.

Forgiven is an all-natural, chemical free alcohol metabolizer that provides nutrients, minerals, and organic acids utilized by your body to rapidly breakdown the by-products of alcohol consumption. Forgiven also provides electrolytes for rehydrating the body and helps relieve nausea associated with alcohol consumption and decreases hangover related symptoms.

The product, which retails for $3.99 MSRP per packet, contains three capsules, with instructions to take three capsules for each 5-6 alcoholic drink consumed.

Forgiven is also sponsoring athletes, including professional MMA fighter Frank Trigg and BMX dirt/Big Air pro Anthony Napolitan. Forgiven is also available for purchase through Forgiven's online store, and the product also has Facebook and Twitter sites.

In late January, Lavin spoke with ESPN BMX and discussed his October crash. "The guy that hit his head died. He's dead and gone, and it is what it is. Now I have to deal with what's happening now. It's a new chapter in my life, and that's what I tell myself every day so I don't go crazy," said Lavin.

Apparently, that "new chapter" T.J. mentioned includes new business ventures. Good luck T.J., glad to have you back.

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