Gallery: The DC Shoes Roughin' It Tour

Jeremy Pavia

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The second DC Shoes Roughin' It Tour just wrapped up in Denver, Colo. after an epic 22-day trip. The plan was simple -- pack up the DC Shoes motor home and box jump setup and hit the road with some of the worlds most talented BMX riders in the game including Corey Bohan, Anthony Napolitan, Chris Doyle, Edwin De La Rosa, Ryan "Biz" Jordan, Kelly Bolton, Brett Banasiewicz, Craig Mast, Alfredo Mancuso, Mike "Hucker" Clark, Brad Simms, Rob Wise, Allan Cooke, and Jeremiah Smith.

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In between staying plush hotel stays, the team did actually "rough it" on occasion in the wild, with multiple nights of camping in Utah and Wyoming. Every demo seemed to get crazier than the last and everyone that saw the team ride were left with nothing but huge smiles on their faces. To be honest, I have been on more trips than I can count in recent years and this was by far the most wild experience I can recall. The DC BMX team is in full-force at the moment with a dynamic mix of riders, personalities and talent, and I can say with the utmost confidence that you will be seeing a lot more of DC at the forefront of BMX in the coming years.

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