A Day in Milan with Simone Barraco

Ricky Monti

Simone Barraco, nose to smith to nose to barspin out.

After being added to the Shadow Conspiracy international team just a little over a year ago, Genoa, Italy's own Simone Barraco has blown up on the BMX scene. This year alone, he's been added to the Subrosa Skeleton Crew, filmed more than a handful of ridiculous web edits for sponsors that include Nike 6.0, and most recently, gotten the bump up to the Shadow Conspiracy pro team.

According to Simone, "It feels amazing just to be a part of the Shadow family. When I came to Florida last month and met everyone at the warehouse it really made it special, but now that I'm on the Pro team, it's even better." After being added to the pro team, Simone returned to his home in Italy and traveled to Milan to shoot photos with ESPN contributor Ricky Monti. In their time together, they ate a lot of fast food and explored the spots throughout Milan. Check the photos above.

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