Video -- 2012 Texas Toast explained

Several years ago, following an ongoing back injury, Taj Mihelich turned his focus from riding BMX as a pro to working for Odyssey BMX. Aside from spearheading a new project known as Faridale Bicycles out of Odyssey, one of Taj's responsibilities was event planning. Odyssey, and Taj, wanted to channel the spirit of past BMX jams that were homegrown, progressive and outside the boundaries of the established norms, such as the Backyard and Metro Jams. Texas Toast was born. Last year, Texas Toast came to Austin and pitted pro riders against obstacle courses, custom-made rideable obstacles from a variety of brands, and contests in dirt and "park." It was, for many a return to a simpler time in BMX, and this coming weekend, Texas Toast returns for its second year.

In the above video, Mihelich goes behind the scenes of the planning and discusses what to expect as 98% of the worldwide BMX scene descends on Austin, Texas. Video by Charlie Crumlish.

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