FMX 'Godfather' combines his art, ink

FMX godfather Mike Metzger tours us around his MOB Syndicate Tattoo shop in California.

Mike Metzger, who is best known for being one of the OGs who helped start the sport of FMX and the first FMX rider to pull the back-to-back backflip [at the 2002 X Games], has opened his own tattoo shop called MOB Syndicate Tattoo Art Co. in Lake Elsinore, Calif.

Mob Syndicate Tattoo is in Lake Elsinore, Calif., just minutes from the Lake Elsinore MX track. Tons of Metzger's paintings line the walls, MOB Syndicate gear is for sale and showroom motocross bikes, such as the one on which he jumped the Caesar's Palace fountain, are on display in the shop.

Not only is Metzger a successful FMX rider nicknamed the Godfather for his early contributions to FMX becoming a sport and still a competitor in X Games Los Angeles 2012, he also is an accomplished tattoo artist.

It's about time he is showcasing some of his art. Metzger is best known for those colorful, animated art pieces such as the "Spark Plug" and the "Eyeball" tattoos seen mostly on his helmets and in any place he finds it fitting to lay them down.

Watch the video above and browse through the photo gallery for a look inside Metzger's tattoo shop. If you're in the area or hitting Lake Elsinore MX track, stop by and see what Metzger is up to, get a tattoo or check out his artwork.

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