After the rain, riders enjoy a day at Fitzland

It couldn't have been a better time for the first decent rain of the fall season to roll into town. At the popular and exclusive rolling hills of Fitzland Ranch, Jimmy Fitzpatrick had rented some tractor equipment days before to spice up the existing jumps and build a couple of new ones on his property. He added a jump that can be hit at a distance of 150 feet all the way up to 200 feet. Also added back into the property is an 80-foot hip style jump that had been previously taken out and now has been dubbed the "fence jump."

With the freeride season approaching fast I have noticed the riders have had a much bigger anticipation for the rain to come so they can go ride in the hills [see video above]. When you experience riding in the hills at its best, it hooks you in and leaves you wanting more every time. Maybe it is good for street credit or maybe it's the fact we only get to do it for a few months out of the year because of Southern California's nice weather and lack of rain. Whatever it is, it's fun and all too short-lived every year.

This was a typical day after a rain out at Fitzland. Riders loaded their trucks with their bikes and shovels and headed up the dirt road to Fitzland. Ronnie Faisst, Matt Buyten, Brian Deegan, Kenny Bell, Destin Cantrell, Todd Potter, Derek Garland, Jimmy Fitzpatrick and others all joined in on the ride today to throw some whips, flips and countless other tricks that would satisfy any sell-out crowd of FMX fans.

A fun and safe session of target practice and a group lunch sealed the deal on a perfect day of riding to illustrate why every rider lives for days like these.

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