'Bro'' available Tuesday on DVD

After a limited theatrical release in the spring and summer, "Bro'" is being released Tuesday on DVD.

Bro' LLC

After a limited theatrical relase, "Bro'" will be available Tuesday on DVD.

The freestyle motocross-themed drama features Metal Mulisha riders Beau Manley and Colin "Scummy" Morrison are mentors to actor Will Chavez's character, Johnny, as he gets his first taste of FMX and the darker sides of its rock 'n' roll lifestyle. The three characters eventually get caught up in the California drug trade.

The film also co-stars character actor Danny was directed by Nick Parada, who co-wrote the script along with Kim Mackenzie.

"It's a film about a kid who gets caught up in a lifestyle that is interesting to him on the surface but has a lot more going on beneath the surface than he realizes or wants to be a part of," Parada told ESPN.com earlier this year. "We're getting some people asking, 'Hey, why are you mixing up drugs and gangs and FMX in your story?' It's fiction, but once I started doing research and talking with guys like Beau Manley and Scummy they all told me, 'A lot of this is actually not far from the truth.' A lot of these guys we look up to in FMX have pasts, they have hard or troubled times they're not proud of within that party lifestyle happening at the edge of their sport, and some of them end up addicted to painkillers and other drugs after everything they go through on their bikes. The kid in the film sees this lifestyle that looks like everything he's ever wanted, but once he's in and gets some bruises along the way he realizes it maybe isn't the best thing, that things don't always work out how you imagined."

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