Don't lose juice


Mophie's Juice Pack Air sells for $79.95 and the Juice Pack Plus goes for $99.95.

As of February 2012, according the Nielsen Co., more than 50 percent of mobile subscribers use smart phones. That's a lot people who are also checking their social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It also means customers are using a ton of battery power, but what happens when that dreaded red light empty battery icon pops on your screen in the middle of the day? Well, California-based electronic company "Mophie," a mobile intelligent device and accessory maker, has the solution.

Mophie is an award-winning company for their innovative designs and manufacturing of mobile electronic devices. They specialize in overcoming obstacles to ensure they bring needed value to their customers. With staying connected such a big part of society these days, it's never been more important to maintain battery life on your ever-so-trusted, handy smart phone device.

The Mophie iPhone 4S "Juice Pack" is a two-piece battery pack cell phone case that houses an iPhone while it recharges. According to Mophie, the Juice Pack extends your battery life by double that of the standard life. The case features a sleek feel and look keeping close to the original contour design of the iPhone.

After snapping an iPhone into the Juice Pack, attach the power switch piece and simply wait until your phone's low battery notification light comes on. After receiving the low battery notification, flip on the Mophie Juice Pack and begin recharging the iPhone back up. It also does not inhibit use of the phone's camera, keeping it fully functional. The Juice Pack is certified by Apple, Inc.

Andrew Donahue of Mophie said the Juice Pack Air virtually doubles your battery time while the Juice Pack Plus gives you 120 percent battery life.

Because staying connected these days is what social media is all about, it's never been more important to stay current and up to date with what's going on around your world. The Juice Pack helps you do just that by keeping you connected.

I've been stuck with that low battery light icon in mid-day several times, nowhere near an electrical outlet or a charging cord and felt like I was about to be stuck on an island with no service. But then after flipping that switch it was like having life all over again. No missed calls or delayed email responses, and most of all no social media blackouts.

The Juice Pack Air retails for $79.95 and the Juice Pack Plus sells for $99.95. You can get the Mophie Juice Pack at Apple, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint stores or just about anywhere that sells mobile accessory devices for iPhones. And make sure to check out all other Mophie products for your iPhone 3, 4, or 5, iPad, iPod, and gaming devices at

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