New Tour Dews

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Banks "Banksbel Gilberto" Gilberti makes a styleful grab in the Men's Open Superpipe qualifier.

48 bright-eyed, talented, young men braved gray, snowy conditions in the Breckenridge halfsuperpipe to vie for ten berths into the semifinal round at the Winter Dew Tour season opener. David Wise exhibited an exceptional combination of amplitude, grabs, style, and technical difficulty (known officially as overall impression) to claim the top spot in the qualifier.

Here's who moved on:

  1. David Wise
  2. Matt Duhamel
  3. Walter Wood
  4. JP Solberg The Skier
  5. Noah Bowman
  6. Christian Allen
  7. Thomas Krief
  8. Dan Marion
  9. Banks "Banksbel Gilberto" Gilberti
  10. Gus Kenworthy

The ten advance to the finals to meet a virtuosic field in a ski event that has gotten, well, gnarly. Skip to the two minutes of this video of French skiers Kevin Rolland and Xavier Bertoni for an idea of what I mean.

FollowUs.TV ep1 training in Breckenridge

Speaking of pipe, Alli Sports has announced details of its plan to include women in a ski pipe event at the second stop of the Winter Dew Tour in Snowbasin, UT.

After the 2009 season we evaluated the women's freeski program as we do with all of our sports. This season, we'll be hosting a women's superpipe freeski competition at our second event at Snowbasin Restort in Utah. There will be 20 women freeskiers competing in prelims and finals with live coverage on NBC Sports. We worked closely with Sarah Burke as a spokesperson of the sport, to figure out what would work best for this season, and we'll continue to evaluate women's freeski and decide how best fits in on the Winter Dew Tour moving forward.

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