Toy Soldier Productions' "Set Your Sights"

Last year, Montana-based ski film company Toy Soldier Productions released their first film, "Come Find Us," which was shot entirely in Montana. Now, they're currently at work finishing up their second film, called "Set Your Sights," filmed mainly in Montana but also in Utah, California, Washington, South Dakota, Alaska, Wyoming and BC. The trailer for that film recently dropped and the DVD will be available online in October. We spoke to TSP's Justin Brodin about their second film.

How much sponsor support did TSP get for this movie?
Our sponsors for "Set Your Sights" stepped it up in a big way. ON3P, Phar North, and Rime Knits have all been hugely helpful this season and we could not have done it without them.

As a small company, is it tough getting resorts and ops to set things up for you?
It is tough, but only with resorts that we don't already have a relationship with. We made some great connections last season with local resorts here in Montana and this season Moonlight Basin Resort really stepped up to put on a park shoot that was above and beyond our expectations.

With so many ski movies out there, what would you say sets yours apart?
Our style. I think we have a style prominent through filming, editing, design and riding that separates us from the rest.

Will the movie be shown outside of Montana?
The world premiere of "Set Your Sights" will be in Bozeman, Mont., on Sept. 1, followed by tours in the Northwest and Midwest. We will be posting the full tour schedule on our website soon.

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