Ambühl wins Budapest big air

Robin Macdonald

Welcome to Budapest, where the Fridge Festival Big Air took place this weekend.

The second annual Fridge Festival Big Air wrapped up Saturday night in Budapest, Hungary. This gold-rated AFP event attracted the best of the best in the freeskiing world, and it was Switzerland's Elias Ambühl who took the top spot.

Ambühl, who won the event last year as well as in September, said, "I am more than happy, so stoked to see all the people, and there are only 365 days until Fridge 2012."

The first day of the festival included a one-hour jam-style competition with a 540 maximum rotation rule. The winner of that was Lolo Favre, who did his signature switch 540 screamin-semen Japan grab.

Robin Macdonald

The podium at this weekend's Fridge Festival big air in Hungary.

Robin Macdonald

This is the second year of Hungary's Fridge Festival.

In Saturday's finals, the 30 invited riders were cut down after a two-run best jump format. The eight riders who battled their way to the finals were Kai Mahler, PK Hunder, Gus Kenworthy, Elvis Harshiem, Ole Mustad, Klaus Finne, Jonas Hunziker and Ambühl.

The final round had a three-jump format where each rider needed two scoring tricks that were different from one another. Ambühl, who qualified in eighth place and had to drop in first, quickly boasted a big score and took the lead with a switch double rodeo 1080 mute grab, while Hunder and Kenworthy rounded out the top three after the first round.

After the third round however, Ambühl regained his lead after landing a massive double cork 1440 with a combined score of 182.5 for his two jumps and pushing Kenworthy into fourth place. Newcomer Mahler snagged second place with a poked out double cork 1080 double mute and a switch double rodeo 900 safety which added to a total score of 167.5. The podium was rounded out by Hunder, who scored a 166 for his two jumps. He performed a switch 1260 mute grab for his first trick and a double cork 1080 mute grab for his second scoring jump.

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