McConkey movie trailer drops

The trailer for a new film about the late Shane McConkey, who passed away three years ago, on March 26, 2009, aired on Saturday on NBC. The film is produced by MSP Films and Red Bull Media House and is due out in full in 2013.

The two-minute-long trailer was broadcast during the television debut of this year's Red Bull Cold Rush coverage, during the latest Red Bull Signature Series Event on Saturday, March 24.

"The movie is a documentary on Shane -- it's basically going to show the man behind The Man," said MSP's Scott Gaffney, a longtime friend of McConkey's who's helping shape the story and build edits for the film. "It'll show his struggles through his youth, his volatile family dynamic, and his utter failure in his first year of college. He went from a geek to hero and he pretty much paved his own path."

Added Gaffney, "But the movie is also going to explore the action sports mindset and why athletes do what they do and question where should the line be drawn." The film will include perspectives from action sports athletes outside of the ski industry who were impacted by McConkey, including Travis Pastrana, Tony Hawk, Bob Burnquist, and Matt Hoffman.

"We are a long ways from having it complete," Gaffney said. "There's so much material. I think it would be an entertaining five-hour flick. One of our biggest challenges will be cutting it to one hour and 45 minutes or so."

David Zieff, who edited the 2004 documentary "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster," will also be working on the McConkey project to offer an outside perspective.

"I have no doubt in my mind that MSP, Scott Gaffney, Rob Bruce, David Zeff and Red Bull will make an incredible movie about Shane," said Shane's wife Sherry McConkey. "They knew him so well, loved him and helped him do all the things he wanted to do in life. This project has been very hard for me, but I know one day I will be proud that I agreed to do it, as Ayla will have an incredible movie about her dad, the best guy in the world in so many ways."

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