Wednesdays with Wallisch returns

ESPN Images

Tom Wallisch competing at X Games Tignes 2012.

Wednesdays can be a little dull sometimes. They're the middle of the week; Friday still seems like a long ways to go. But thanks to Tom Wallisch, Wednesdays have gotten a little bit brighter. His webisode series Wednesdays with Wallisch returns for its third season in December, and will drop on the first Wednesday of every month throughout the winter.

You'll get a chance to follow Wallisch throughout his season, from contests like the X Games and the Dew Tour to jet-setting and jet-skiing (see teaser) around the globe.

"This year is looking pretty similar to last year -- I'm going to get out and travel and ski a ton," Wallisch told ESPN in a recent interview. "I'm just going to try and do both X Games, Dew Tour, and then a couple of the World Cup events like the Sochi test event and maybe the Grand Prix. Do the big five or six contests and other than that, I'll focus on just getting out and filming."

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