Devin Logan out with injury

Joshua Duplechian/ESPN

Devin Logan during the Ski SuperPipe finals at Winter X Aspen last year.

Devin Logan's been a force in women's ski halfpipe and slopestyle competition in recent years -- last spring, she won the Association of Freeskiing Professionals' inaugural Sarah Burke trophy for overall performance. She came out swinging in August with a win at the FIS Freestyle Ski Halfpipe World Cup in New Zealand, the first contest of the 2014 Olympic qualifying period, but Logan blew out her knee just two days later, putting a premature end to her 2012-2013 season. Determined to stay involved in her sport, Logan's been taking AFP judging clinics and has already been in the judges' booth at both the North Face Park & Pipe Open and the Dew Tour's Ion Mountain Championships. caught up with Logan in Breckenridge, Colo., to find out how going over to the other side has changed her perspective.

First off, can you fill us in on your injury and your rehabilitation status?
I went down to New Zealand for the first World Cup halfpipe event and ended up winning it, and then two days later, training for the North Face Park & Pipe Open, I went way too big on a cork 7. I just kept rotating and blew my knee out pretty severely: ACL, meniscus, microfractures, the works. The doctor said it was the worst knee he'd seen in a while, so I got some points there. I had surgery in September and I was non-weight-bearing for seven weeks because of the microfractures. I did a lot of couch time with Netflix and watched a lot of ski videos, dreaming.

Is the whole season a wash?
The whole season's out, but better this year than next year. I'm trying to take it slow so I can come back to my fullest before the Olympics next year.

How did the opportunity to get in the judges' booth come about?
Steele Spence, the head judge for the AFP, approached me in October. I took a judging clinic with him and I was into it and did well, then I judged my first contest at the North Face Park & Pipe event at Copper Mountain. I also got thrown into the booth for the Dew Tour Big Air event last week, and I'll be judging or shadow-judging some other events this season.

How has it changed your perspective to be able to see a contest from the vantage point of the judges' booth?
As skiers we have runs that we think are good, but unless you really sit down with the judges and listen to their feedback, it's hard to know what they're really looking for. When I get back out there I think I'll have their voices in the back of my head, and my wheels are turning for how I can put that perspective to my advantage with my own skiing. I already know a run I'm going to try for that I think the judges will like. I definitely have a different perspective on how difficult judging is, too: I'm going to try not to hate on them anymore.

How will you be spending the holidays?
I'm going back home to Vermont for two weeks to get in some family time. My oldest sister just had a baby, so I'm an aunt now and it's kind of a big deal in my eyes. The winter's been so busy the last few years that I'm definitely going to try to take advantage of the time I have and try to find the positive in being injured. Other than that, my focus is on recovery and rehab and coming back stronger than ever. I was inspired to see my teammate Brita Sigourney kill it out there at the Dew Tour. She just came off an ACL knee injury and is skiing better than ever, so she's my role model for how to come back.

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