Thursday Vidiot: worldwide edition


A stylish crooks from one of the DQM crew.

This week we're hitting several continents for quality skate clips. First off, here in New York the crew from skate and street wear store Dave's Quality Meats has a sick clip of Brian Delatorre, Curtis Rapp and more mobbing spots.

Meanwhile, Upstate New York upstart Kenny Reed and a crew of European and Asian skaters tour Russia, Georgia, Turkey and more in this "Around the Black Sea" video. If you like seeing spots you've never seen before and may never get to go to, this is one to watch.

Back in Los Angeles, Skateboarder magazine's Sunset Rampage contest seems like it was seriously good time.

If you haven't watched Beauty and the Beast 3 already, you're blowing it. Even if you have, it's worth watching again for Chris Pfanner, Tony Trujillo, Vincent Alvarez, Mike Carroll, Sean Malto and more crushing European spots.

Finally, this DIY spot in San Francisco looks like it was a lot of fun while it lasted. Tony Trujillo and Sean Gutierrez certainly got their licks in. Don't wait for someone else. Build your own today!

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