Thursday Vidiot


Brent Atchley snaps a melon at Burnside while onlookers gape at his style.

The Groundhog claims we're getting an early Spring this year. For those of us frustrated with wintry weather that's' kept us off the board outdoors for some time now, let's hope old Punxsutawney Phil is right. While we wait for the world to thaw out, might as well catch up on some Internet skate video watching. First off this week, Habitat skateboards has kindly put their entire "Origin" video online for your viewing pleasure here.

Next up, between shots of the offspring of both Chris Nieratko and Tony Trujillo, this "Adventures with Chris" has some wreckless and awesome miniramp skating from Trujillo.

The always stylish, Ryan Gallant has a quick commercial for his new pro shoe for C1rca right here. He might just have the best 360 shove-it going right now.

Adidas' Lem Villemin has sick part for the European shop video, "Arrow and Beast." This kid is criminally underrated.

Antihero's Chris Pfanner is seriously in a world of his own. from Volcom just illustrates that point.

Dennis Busenitz apparently snuck in and out of NYC relatively undetected last summer probably because he was moving at speeds not usually visible to the human eye. In this clip, also from Volcom, he pretty much annihilates anything previously done at the Williamsburg Brooklyn Valley Forge plaza spot (excepting of course, Peter Ramondetta's line from the old C1rca video, "It's Time."

Clint Walker's welcome to the Birdhouse team video shows his penchant for kinked rails and hairball spots.

The Etnies crew and their homies went on what looks to have been a very fun and productive trip this fall and The Skateboard Mag has the trip clip featuring Jose Rojo, Sean Malto, Mikey Taylor, Ernie Torres and more. This type of good-times clip is what skating should be all about.

He doesn't put out footage often but when he does it's always sick. Brent Atchley has a whole transition part for his board sponsor, Tribute skateboards.

Finally, the first episode of the Josh Kalis Epicly Later'd dropped today. Some ill stories in here from one of the realest dudes out.

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