Thursday Vidiot


Mark Suciu does a backside nosebluntslide pop out in San Francisco.

We start things off this week with the nearly always on the road, Anti Hero team. This time Tony Trujillo, Julien Stranger, Robbie Russo, Andrew Allen and more go "Traipsing" through the Southwest.

Plan B skateboards and Hella Clips put together a montage for Felipe Gustavo to present him as the "Year's Best Braziliam." He is really, really talented.

Girl and Vans pro Alex Olson has a day-in-the-life style vid on Crailtap. If you can get past the grooming and keyboard playing, there's some really good skating in there.

Vocolm, Emerica and Toy Machine rider Collin Provost got the "Stone Age" clip from Volcom last week and it's a doozey.

The arguably best female skater of all-time, Elissa Steamer knows 5-0s and demonstrates their variations at the Potrero del Sol skatepark in San Francisco in this clip for Thunder trucks.

Ty Evans, the folks at Powell, the folks at Lakai and pretty much anyone else who sees them skate, is back this pair of 12-year-old wonder twins.

Finally, Habitat rider Mark Suciu has a little promo cruising downtown SF for Habitat Footwear. This kid cruises like some people film proper video parts


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