DGK's 'Parental Advisory'


Darrick Wilson and Keelan Dadd.

Tuesday, Dec. 11, in Hollywood, Calif., DGK Skateboards and G-Shock threw an extravaganza at the Avalon Hotel celebrating their second watch release and the screening of DGK's new skate film "Parental Advisory." With Def Jam's newest act, Trinidad James, opening for Academy Award winning rapper Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia, this became a video premiere for the ages.

The night began when the first person I saw was Bay Area hip hop legend Too Short -- and that's a great sign that the night would be good. I honestly saw more celebrities than I can remember. From what I heard Cee Lo Green, DJ Drama and YG were in attendance, but I never saw them. They must have walked in while I was waiting on line.

DGK 'Parental Advisory'

I did see the limited edition G-Shock Stevie Williams signature watch in a display and it's definitely a cool-looking timepiece. On behalf of G-Shock Williams said, "I've been a part of the G-Shock family for quite awhile now and it's great to be involved with something that's so well established and has so much history." Williams' watch is made of a clear material with purple and black accents. Speaking about the design through G-Shock he said, "We went with a clear band and a face that's accented with purple details. Purple is the DGK color, and the use of a clear material can be seen as fashion forwarding. This fits DGK, 'cause we've always been trendsetters."

As I made my way around the party I saw just about everyone who rode for DGK. I also saw quite a number of Kayo riders from Expedition's Matt Miller and Ryan Gallant to Organika's Karl Watson and Adelmo Jr. Jereme Rogers was there -- so was Kevin Romar and Plan B am Felipe Gustavo. Everyone couldn't wait to see "Parental Advisory." Thankfully they started the screening shortly after I got in.

The plot is based on the adventures of a group of kids as they bump into the DGK riders. Those kids represent younger versions of the DGK team. There are various cameos throughout the film from rappers Beanie Sigel, DMX and Lil Wayne and skateboarders like Kareem Campbell, Salman Agah and Steven Cales. I can't forget Baby Scumbag, who's no stranger to a starring role. In one scene he does a great Dragonball Z Kai impersonation.

Overall the film was definitely something to write home about. Directed by Randall Kirk, the scenes didn't bog down the skating and the skating didn't take away from the storyline. Wade Desarmo had the first part and in it he dropped a nice switch tre-flip down a double set. Next was Josh Kalis who had some great night skating clips and pretty much had his way with Koreatown's J Kwon plaza. Marquise Henry's precision has always impressed me. Here he had a line where he nollie heelflipped off a ledge over a grass gap then frontside flipped into a switch manual across another ledge. Dane Vaughn started his part with some super tech tricks and then went to work jumping down stuff. First he nollie backside heelflipped off a loading dock into the street. In his next clip he did a double backside flip over a rail on a double set.

This was Rodrigo TX's first part since joining DGK and he was great. My favorite trick in his part was a nollie frontside 180 to a switch smith on a picnic table. For different reasons Derrick Wilson and Keelan Dadd both had a lot to live up to but they certainly met expectations. Following up Wilson's "Ta-Ha" part was a tall order but in this part he had a nice mix of tricks, like a huge fakie ollie over an 11-stair hubba. Dadd's been talking up his love of skating switch to the point you'd expect his part to be only that, but it wasn't, and he still came through. His opening line of a big 360 flip followed by a heelflip and then a huge ollie over a guard rail into a vacant lot, let you know he meant business.

Courtesy of VVKphoto.com

Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia and Stevie Williams at the 'Parental Advisory' premiere.

You may not have heard of Brazil's Dwayne Fagundes before, but you won't forget him after seeing all the nollie flip variations he has in his part. I wish half the tech skaters out there had a quarter of Fagundes' style. In Kayo's "It's Official" Jack Curtin and Lenny Rivas left lasting impressions and in this video it's great to see them continuing where they left off. Stevie Williams was last, and his and Marcus Mcbride's parts were the best by this reporters opinion. McBride has some serious gap tricks and seeing Williams skate always gets me hyped. Also they may be the two riders on DGK that people most often say no longer skate, but judging from their footage I couldn't see how that's possible -- time has been good to them.

As far as this event went, G-Shock and DGK were a great partnership. The gift bag of party favor had a New Era snapback, a calendar, poster and a copy "Parental Advisory."

It's great to give back and skateboarding has certainly done that with the videos that have come out in 2012. The last few months have produced premier after premier, but the best part is seeing how those in the skate industry show up and support one another. You saw it with Baker "Bake and Destroy" video, then with Girl and Chocolate's "Pretty Sweet" and now DGK's "Parental Advisory." At the Avalon Baker's Theotis Beasley and Cyril Jackson were in good spirits as was Girl Skateboards' Guy Mariano, Jeron Wilson and Brandon Biebel. Everyone was smiling and having a good time. Towards the end I even saw Stevie Williams dancing in the VIP section. Looking back, I doubt there will be many nights like this again in skateboarding.

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