Grand Prix, Qualifiers Complete

Nate Abbott

Danny Davis qualified 4th on Friday, and will compete in Saturday's final round in this year's first stop of the Grand Prix.

The first Grand Prix of the season kicked off this week at Copper Mountain. Thursday featured the women battling it out for one of the eight finalist spots, with Friday moving into the men's field, where 16 advanced to Saturday's final round. The two riders holding this year's trick to have, the double cork, Shaun White and Louie Vito dueled it out for the top two spots. As the precursor to the Olympics -- a five contest series that determines who will be selected for the US Snowboarding Team -- the Grand Prix is extremely important to riders looking ahead to Vancouver.

These riders will be competing in the final round at Copper on Saturday, Dec. 12:

Men's Halfpipe Qualifications, Dec. 11, 2009

1. Shaun White, Carlsbad, CA, 49.50
2. Louie Vito, Sandy, UT, 48.60
3. Greg Bretz, Mammoth Lakes, CA, 45.70
4. Danny Davis, Detroit, MI, 45.50
5. Dustin Craven, Canada, 44.50
6. Scotty Lago, Seabrook, NH, 44.30
7. Steve Fisher, Breckenridge, CO, 43.30
8. JJ Thomas, Golden, CO, 43.20
9. Jack Mitrani, Mammoth, CA, 43.10
10. Ryoh Aono, Japan, 42.90
11. Tore Holvik, Norway, 42.90
12. Elijah Teter, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 42.60
13. Charles Reid, Canada, 42.50
14. Nathan Johnstone, Australia, 42.40
15. Zack Black, Breckenridge, CO, 41.80
16. Fredrik Austbo, Norway, 41.40

Women's Halfpipe Qualifications, Dec. 10

1. Gretchen Bleiler, Aspen, CO, 47.10
2. Kelly Clark, Mt. Snow, VT, 45.70
3. Soko Yamaoka, Japan, 43.50
4. Maddy Schaffrick, Steamboat Springs, CO, 43.20
5. Quera Castellet, Spain, 43.00
6. Ellery Hollindsworth, Stratton, VT, 41.40
7. Holly Crawford, Australia, 41.10
8. Clair Bidez, Minturn, CO, 41.70

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