Grand Prix, Final Results

The first stop of the Grand Prix halfpipe series wrapped up Saturday afternoon at Copper Mountain, Colo. Here are the top three finishers from the men's and women's divisions:


1. Shaun White

White's first run included a frontside 900, back-to-back double corks and back-to-back 1080s. The judges scored him the highest score of the day, 47, locking him in with a first place finish. The conditions were challenging, but after several falls no one was able to top a 47, which led Shaun into his victory lap for his second run.

2. Louie Vito
3. Zach Black


1. Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark, going for her third trip to the Olympics, and vying for her second gold medal came out with her first run landing back to back 540s, a frontside 900, two 720s and a frontside 540 with a total score of 44.5. No rider was able to top Clark's first run.

2. Gretchen Bleiler
3. Soko Yamaoka

Full recap and photos to come.

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