Seb Toots releases 2012 video part

Who films an entire snowboard movie part in just six days? Sebastien Toutant, that's who. On Wednesday, the 19-year-old Montreal-bred snowboarder known as Seb Toots dropped a full video part online, and it was shot in six days of filming by Sunset Films.

For this video part, Toutant shot urban footage in Montreal, backcountry in Switzerland, and park in New Zealand and Mt. Bachelor, Ore. He spent about two days shooting in each location.

"I love making a video segment each year," Toutant said. "Despite not having a lot of time to shoot it in between and following the contest season, it's important to me personally to have that chance to ride freely and be creative. I love doing this as much as I do contests."

Last year, Toutant also released a 2011 season-long video part for free online.

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