Wave Tribe Hemp Pioneer Day Bag ($89.95)

Wave Tribe

The Pioneer Series from Wave Tribe is made of stronger hemp and recyled materials. Biodegradable and common sense.

Every company has a green product these days. Want to really be green? Buy one product that lasts instead of ten that don't. Better yet, buy something green that lasts. Or better still, buy something green that lasts and is going to help something else last, like the Pioneer Series board bag from Wave Tribe.

Your surfboard will last much longer if you keep it in a bag, fool. Who would have thought environmental responsibility would come in line with saving you money and common sense? When Wave Tribe says you can "Use with pride and put in the garden when done," they're not kidding.

The Pioneer Series Day Bag is the third generation bag made by Wave Tribe, and it is plenty strong for shlepping your sled.

This is a strong bag any way you look at it. The handles and carry strap are all reinforced. That's good, because once your handles pop, a boardbag is about as useful as Sean Hannity at a climate convention. The zipper is made of serious recycled plastics -- no more salty rust-jammed zippers. The bag itself has a dense 5 mm of padding. The bottom is also energy shielded to protect against sun and heat, as is standard on most modern bags.

Now, on to the green attributes: the bag is primarily made of hemp, a fiber cultivated from plants of the Cannabis genus. Skip past all the 60s/doobie/ganja references. The hippies had their chance. They blew it and became insurance salesmen. When separated from its laid back cousin, hemp is one of the fastest growing biomasses known and can be grown without chemicals, making it a serious textile alternative. Essentially, the production of this board bag is better for the land, the durability causes less waste, and its biodegradable nature is good for all of us.

The bag is vailable as 6'6, 7'6, 8'6, and 9'6. Note: If you go a few inches bigger, you can probably manage to slide in two standard shortboards.

You can go right to the source with this one, WaveTribe.com. There are also a variety of online shops that specialize in environmentally friendly products, like Greensurfshop.com.

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