Yater-Wallace wins first Winter X gold

TIGNES, FRANCE -- Torin Yater-Wallace won Men's Ski SuperPipe on Friday night, the final event of Winter X Games Tignes 2012. Thomas Krief and David Wise rounded out the podium in second and third, respectively. This is Yater-Wallace's first Winter X gold.

Though he secured the win with his first run, it was Yater-Wallace's final run that put him well into the top spot, with a double cork 12, massive 1080, 900, 1080 to switch 9 that scored him a 95.

"I can't believe I just won," said an out of breath Yater-Wallace at the bottom of the pipe. "This is the best pipe I've ever ridden. I was feeling good and ended up landing. I don't even know what to say. It means the world to me. It's been my goal for my entire life, and it happened today."

Sixteen-year-old Yater-Wallace was the youngest competitor in the field and the youngest athlete at Winter X Tignes 2012.

Krief secured the silver with his second run, which included a 900, double cork 12, alley-oop flatspin 3, switch 1080 to double flat spin 9, for a run score of 91.66

David Wise's dropped in switch for a switch double 10 Japan, followed by back-to-back 900s, an alley-oop flatspin 540 tail grab, and a double cork 12. He looked like he might take it on his final run, but he missed the grab on his final 12, couldn't best his second run score of 90.33, and settled for bronze instead.

"I really wanted to land my first run solid and then be able to step my run up each run, but that's just not how it happened," said Wise. "My last run would have been in the top two but I missed the grab on my dub 12. You miss a grab, you make a mistake and that's all it really takes in this game with the level it's at. I'm just happy I got to put some solid runs down."

French favorite and defending SuperPipe champion Kevin Rolland as well as eight-time Winter X medalist Simon Dumont pulled out of the contest recently with knee injuries. Duncan Adams and Nicolas Bijasson also sustained knee and leg injuries during the SuperPipe elimination on Thursday night.

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