Devin Logan is slope favorite at X

Joshua Duplechian

Devin Logan will be competing in Women's Ski Slopestyle on Sunday at X Games Aspen.

Last year was a heartbreaker for Devin Logan, the X Games Aspen 2012 Ski Slopestyle silver medalist. She kicked off the first-ever Olympic freeskiing qualification period with a halfpipe win at the 2012 New Zealand World Cup, then promptly blew her knee before she could make her mark on the rest of the season. She spent last season focusing on her physical therapy and getting certified to work as a judge in her sport. This year she's back with a vengeance on the other side of the judging equation: She won the New Zealand World Cup halfpipe event again in August, took fifth in slopestyle, and was just named to the first U.S. Olympic Slopestyle Team heading to Sochi in February. caught up with her after a morning training session in Colorado. This week, Logan will compete in slopestyle at X Games Aspen 2014.

Tom Zikas

"I mean, why not go for two?" Devin Logan says about competing in both disciplines.

Last season didn't go the way you'd planned, obviously. How are you feeling now, post-injury recovery?
I'm feeling great after spending last season putting in a lot of hard work doing some rehab. I started skiing again this summer and spent all summer on snow just trying to feel my legs again. I went down to New Zealand in August for the FIS World Cup and won, so that was a nice little confidence booster.

Very few other athletes in skiing or snowboarding compete in both pipe and slopestyle. Why is it important to you to go for both and what additional challenges does it bring?
Competing in pipe and slopestyle is very difficult and usually you only see one person focusing on one event because it takes up all your time and energy and training to make your run the best possible. But I've been doing both halfpipe and slopestyle since I was 12 years old, so it's kind of second nature for me. I mean, why not go for two? Trying to figure out my schedule in general to do both and fit time in is the biggest challenge. It's mentally and physically exhausting. It's a little overwhelming, definitely, but I just play everything by ear and try to have fun with it.

Is anyone else on the U.S. Freeskiing team going for both?
Gus Kenworthy and Lyman Currier are each trying for both. That's it, I think.

Now that you're on the Olympic team for slopestyle, is everything starting to feel real?
It's going to be a crazy experience. You've just got to take it all in and have fun with it. I mean, it's the first time our sport is in the Olympics, so it's all new for us. My teammates and I are all going for it together, so we can all lean on each other. I can't even really wrap my brain around it. I don't want to think about it and get too overwhelmed. If I think about it too much my skiing will probably suffer.

In an individual sport like freeskiing what role does being on a team like U.S. Freeskiing play? What is it like to know that your close friends and teammates are also your fiercest competitors?
We are a team and that support is great, but at the same time it's definitely an individual sport. There comes a time where it's very competitive, even off the hill. The cool thing is that it's always anyone's day. That's what's so fun about our sport: It's not a given, where this one person wins each competition. It kind of goes back and forth and that keeps things exciting.

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