Darren Navarette launches Skeleton Key

Brian Shamanski

Darren Navarette backside tailslides while filming with Ed Dominick for an upcoming SKMFG commercial.

Veteran skate pro Darren Navarette has created a new brand dubbed Skeleton Key, and their first products include apparel and handmade PVC grinders for skate trucks. With the new brand, Navarette has assembled a crew of team riders spanning all walks of skateboarding. "I figured, hell I don't know anything about business, I'll start a business," says Navarette on the creation of Skeleton Key. XGames.com recently caught up with Navarette to check out the team and learn about the creation of the brand.

XGames.com: What sparked the idea to start a new brand?
Navarette: Just that -- a spark. An idea is a spark in the brain. I see the skateboard world (some say industry but today I'll say world...) going through some changes. Maybe it's just that I'm getting older or that my time as a top skater has come and gone -- but I tell ya there are a lot of companies that don't know much about skateboarding and are involved in skateboarding. So I figured, hell I don't know anything about business, so I'll start a business.

What is Skeleton Key so far?
It's a belief in skateboarding. It's a belief in other skateboarders.

Introducing the Skeleton Key team

Do you have any plans or you just taking this for a ride?
We plan to ride our skateboards for as long as we can.

Who has joined the ranks and become key holders?
The key holders grow every day. I don't think we can stop believing in each other. We're skaters from many generations of skaters -- from Ben Raybourn to Jeff Grosso. Skaters that have invested all of their time in this. We look at the past and we look to the future, but today we just ride with one another.

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