The Boardr Am returns for 2016

The "World of X Games" goes behind the scenes with the Boardr Am crew as they travel the country, putting on contests and finding athletes to compete in the Skateboard Street Amateur class at X Games Austin 2015.

In 2015, X Games partnered with The Boardr for a new type of qualifying series that debuted at X Games Austin 2015. The formula was simple: The Boardr organized a series of regional qualifying events for amateur street skateboarding around the U.S., gave the winner from each stop an invite to compete in Skateboard Street Amateur at X Games Austin 2015, and documented the process for the "World of X Games."

The series came to be known as The Boardr Am series.

In the end, Salt Lake City, Utah's own Tyson Bowerbank walked away with the win in Austin in 2015, while the entire crew invited to compete got to skate Austin for over a week, compiling footage amassed in downtown Austin for the Best of Boardr Am 2015 video (see above). And yes, the ground is rough and unforgiving in some areas outside of House Park...

Blair Alley

The Boardr Am amateur skateboarding series returns for the 2015-2016 season, with winners from each event grabbing a qualifying spot into X Games Austin 2016. This year, the series visited Academy Skatepark in Vista, California, and Tyson Bowerbank grabbed the top spot in the end, followed by Zion Wright in second and Chase Webb in third. Here, Tyson Bowerbank frontside ollies into a wallride en route to first place.

Almost immediately following X Games Austin 2015, The Boardr crew were back at it, traveling to Copenhagen, Denmark for the first round of the 2015 - 2016 Boardr Am series. While the rest of X Games was still on the ground handling load out in Austin, The Boardr crew already had their sights set on the following year. In Copenhagen, German skater Alex Mizurov took home the Boardr Am win. But like Ferris Bueller once told us, "Life moves pretty fast." In the time since that win, Mizurov turned pro, meaning he was no longer eligible to skate an amateur contest. With that knowledge, The Boardr crew extended the Copenhagen invite to second place finisher Norwegian Herman Stenne, who became the first official invite to Skateboard Street Amateur at X Games Austin 2016.

From Copenhagen, The Boardr traveled to Montreal, Quebec, where JS Lapierre took the win, earning an invite to X Games Austin 2016. And then there was some downtime between 2015 and 2016. The Boardr celebrated the holidays, got a new bus, took some time to break up over April Fool's Day, and reconvened for an onslaught of Boardr Am stops beginning in mid-April. We learned that Ryan Sheckler was single and what Mike Sinclair snacks on while judging. We laughed, we cried, we watched Scotty The Body grow from boy to man.

To date, The Boardr Am has three additional invites set to compete at X Games Austin 2016. Tyson Bowerbank again qualified via his win in Vista, California. Jagger Eaton also returned to qualify via his win in Phoenix, Arizona, and most recently, Christian Dufrene qualified via his win in Atlanta, Georgia.

But there are two more spots leading up to X Games Austin 2016: New York City on May 21, and Tampa, Florida on May 28. For the most up to date results, check in The Boardr website or for recaps, walk through videos and more. And tune into X Games Austin 2016 from June 2 - 5 on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPN3.

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