Real BMX: Five fast facts with Devon Smillie

Check out Devon Smillie's entry into Real BMX, the inaugural all-video BMX contest brought to you by the World of X Games and Hot Pockets. Vote for Devon at

Devon Smillie was born in 1989, a year after the first organized BMX street competitions began to unfold in the Southern California BMX scene. He entered his first BMX competition at age 11, and excelled at all avenues of BMX riding (as well as skateboarding and motocross), but focused his sights on street riding after making the move from Atlanta, Georgia to Southern California in 2012. A student of the new school, Smillie's approach to BMX street riding mirrors the more technical aspects of BMX flatland riding, as demonstrated by his affinity for fakie manuals and switch riding. And after being paired alongside pro skateboarder Mike Manzoori behind the camera (and former pro skateboarder Mario Rubalcaba on the drums), Smillie was able to craft one of the most technically advanced segments for the inaugural version of Real BMX. Here are five fast facts about Devon Smillie.

1. Devon Smillie's favorite trick is a backwards manual.

2. Smillie teamed up with Etnies filmer Mike Manzoori to film his segment for Real BMX. Manzoori, a pro skateboarder himself, has worked on video projects with Smillie for both Etnies and Fly Bikes. Also of note: Smillie recently finished up filming for a new part in the upcoming Etnies video "Chapters."

3. Smillie's first contest was a Mat Hoffman CFB at Paradise Funplex in Florida in 2000, sponsored by EXPN. "Honestly I don't remember how I placed," says Smillie. "But I did get interviewed by Leigh Ramsdell for a segment on ESPN about 'Pros of the Future' and that was the highlight for me."

4. Smillie was a three-time alternate for BMX Street at X Games, until X Games Austin 2016, where he was on the actual invite list. He finished just off the podium, in fourth place.

5. Smillie was the only BMX rider to receive support from Altamont Clothing, but recently parted on good terms to support Further Brand. He's also not afraid of over-golding.

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