The Boardr Am Week: Jamie Foy

Rob Meronek

Jamie Foy (left) celebrates his Boardr Am win in 2015 with Boardr announcer Scotty Conley (right).

In February of 2015, amateur skateboarder Jamie Foy drove three and a half hours from his mom's house in Deerfield Beach, Florida to skate in The Boardr Am series at the Bradenton Skatepark in Bradenton, Florida.

Foy took a few harsh falls during the competition, squeezed into the finals and walked away with the Boardr Am win plus an invite to Skateboard Street Amateur at X Games Austin 2015. The Boardr crew celebrated Foy's win by calling him "Baby body" and attempting to carry him on their shoulders. "I was a short, chubby kid with big t-shirts," said Foy. "[Boardr] announcer Scotty Conley made up the name."

Good times today thanks @zumiez for having us! @erikellington @jamie_foy @bigbizliz #deathwishskateboards #BakerXDeathwish

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A year and a half later, Jamie Foy lives in Long Beach, California and is now a sponsored amateur for Deathwish Skateboards and Diamond Footwear.

"Jamie is one of the hottest dudes coming out right now," said Weekend Buzz host Lee Dupont on a recent episode featuring Foy and fellow am Zion Wright. "Between the both of them, there's been nothing but top threes and wins, and everybody wants to film with them."

To Foy's credit, he has released three video parts in 2016. And there are still just under three more months left in the year.

"Jamie Foy is one of today's top ams getting it done out there," says The Boardr, who, by their own admission, are "number nerds" tracking Jamie Foy's social media stats, which has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year.

And he's just getting started. In fact, Jamie Foy is a prime example of The Boardr crew's ability to spot what it takes to make it in skateboarding and elevate that talent along the way. It's because of their work in the amateur ranks that skateboarders such as Jamie Foy are able to get noticed and take that next step to realizing their goals in skateboarding.

And along the way, The Boardr and skaters such as Jamie Foy don't forget to have fun, keep it mellow and enjoy their days on a skateboard.

Bonus info: Jamie Foy once won a year's supply of free pizza for entering one of his first amateur skateboarding competitions. "I didn't win anything, but they gave me a year's supply of free pizza because I was a four-year-old kid dropping into ramps trying to skate a contest with older kids. That was maybe one of the dopest prizes I've got, ever," says Foy.

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