Chasing The Double Backflip: Colten Moore

Following a string of injuries in 2016, Colten Moore has his sights set on a new feat for X Games Aspen 2017 Snowmobile Best Trick -- the double backflip.

Once it was announced that Snowmobile Best Trick would be held at X Games for the first time since 2013, Colten Moore's mind became fixated on two things: a backflip, immediately followed by another backflip.

"The snowmobile double backflip is long overdue," Moore says. "This is the year."

Levi LaVallee attempted a double backflip at X Games Aspen 2009 and came close, completing both rotations but getting bounced from his seat upon landing. Moore has been studying that video clip and taking tips from double flip pioneer Travis Pastrana, who famously brought the trick to Moto X Best Trick at X Games Los Angeles 2006.

"In April I tried it at Pastrana's place on a quad [ATV] into his airbag and got pretty close," Moore says. "But a crash in May at a Nitro Circus event in Sydney [Australia] forced it to the backburner for the rest of the year." Moore broke his left clavicle and several ribs in the crash. He's been using the recovery time to work on his mental game and adjust his training facility in Krum, Texas, to better accommodate the double.

"I just had a new ramp built into the foam pit at my parents' place here," Moore says. "I'll be working from now until X Games to get the double to 100 percent."

Competitor Heath Frisby is also planning the double for XG Aspen 2017. A clip of a recent Frisby try into his foam pit caught Moore's attention: Frisby did 1.5 rotations and landed head-first under the sled. "That was gnarly, and a good reminder of how seriously you have to take something like this," Colten says. "I'd love to be the first to land it at X Games, obviously, but I'm rooting for Heath, too."

An X Games Best Trick win would be Moore's first; he took 2012 silver with a tsunami Indian air backflip, then missed the 2013 Best Trick event after separating his pelvis in the Freestyle contest. Moore, who took Freestyle gold at both Aspen 2014 and 2015, had a rough night during Freestyle 2016. "I just made too many mistakes out there and got bucked," he says. "It happens, but it's hard when it's the biggest day of the year. I just feel like I put a bunch of pressure on myself and got too worked up and had a bumpy ride."

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