Qualify to Skate at X Games Minneapolis 2017

CA Productions

This year X Games will be giving skateboarders everywhere the opportunity to compete in Minneapolis by using the Podium Skate App. Podium Skate is a new app created by CA Productions that allows users to upload their footage and be scored by our pro judges for a chance to be invited to the live contest.

Here's how it works: Users upload one clip that includes their best 30 seconds of footage. All submissions will be scored and ranked by Podium app users. From there, the top submissions will then be judged by our panel of pro judges and the top three entries will be officially qualified and will go directly to the finals in Minneapolis. This will be the only way to compete in this year's X Games Am contest without an invite.

Contest Details
- $25 to Enter on Podium App
- Video submission open from 6.15.17 - 6.29.17
- Winners Announced 7.3.17

- There will be 4 Pro judges, plus the final overall score from Podium users score. This will act as the 5th judge.
- The highest & lowest of the judge's scores will be dropped and the average of the remaining three will create your final score.
- Be sure to read all the format rules and follow accordingly. If rules are broken this will impact your overall score.
- It will be extremely important to share your run to get as many people as possible to judge your run and climb the ranks in the contest.
- Video submissions are judged on tricks alone not on video presentation, production or editing.

- One upload that includes your best footage
- 30 Seconds Max
- Unedited Raw clips (No music or graphics)
- (AM STREET) One submission of your best raw clips in the streets or a plaza style park.
- (AM Park) One submission of your best clips in a transition style park.

- This is the first time X Games has opened qualifying to the public and allows everyone around the world a chance to compete. Only the top three submissions for both Am Street & Park will be selected to compete in this year's X Games Contest. If you are selected as one of the top three submissions, you are not only qualified, but make it straight to the finals to compete against X Games top three invited Ams! The 6 man final will be held during X Games in Minneapolis Minnesota July 13 - 16.

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