Meet the X Games Minneapolis 2018 Zoom photo contest finalists

Meet the finalists of the X Games Minneapolis 2018 Zoom photography contest. Go to to see all of the photos and vote for your favorite image. The photographer with the most votes will receive $10,000 and a gold medal for action sports photography. The winner will be announced during the live broadcast of X Games Minneapolis.

Courtesy Anthony Acosta
Anthony Acosta
Los Angeles
Acosta is a professional skateboard photographer from Los Angeles. His work has been featured in magazines worldwide for a decade. He enjoys the sport and respects the athletes, whom he is able to capture from angles and compositions that are unique to his craft. He has been a staff photographer for Vans shoes and The Skateboard Mag for more than 10 years.

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Courtesy Jake Darwen
Jake Darwen
Los Angeles
Darwen is a New Zealand-born skateboard photographer who is currently based in Los Angeles. The 25-year-old Kiwi has developed a signature style for capturing skateboarding and the unique lifestyle and landscapes that go with it. Darwen strives to find new ways and unexpected geographic locations to document the sport he loves, and his work is sought by some of the biggest names and brands in skating because of it.

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Courtesy MacKenzie Hennessey
MacKenzie Hennessey
Westminster, Massachusetts
Unlike many professional photographers in the industry, Hennessey spends her weekdays at a typical day job within the media field, but the scope falls outside the action sports realm. She has realized that being persistent and staying creative in her free time goes a long way. Hennessey has been making heads turn with her clear hold on the two most important components of image creation: light and style. She has been cutting her teeth with some of the most talented and slightly-screw-loose hellion FMX riders in New England, and her work keeps your imagination fueled to ride.

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Courtesy Tim Korbmacher
Tim Korbmacher
Düsseldorf, Germany
Korbmacher's story of being a photographer matches those of other guys sharing his passion: He has been addicted to skate, BMX and snowboarding most of his life and is strongly influenced by the lifestyle. Through this, he has had the chance to meet and contact many different photographers and artists who have greatly fascinated and inspired him. As he grew older, he had to face the negative areas of these sports, and with this health in mind he decided to become more professional behind the lens. He has been a freelance photographer since 2012, mostly focused in action sports, as well as many other fields.

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Courtesy Morgan Maassen
Morgan Maassen
Santa Barbara, California
Maassen's interest in photography started in his teens. He graduated high school at age 16 to concentrate and explore visual media freely and intensely via many different mediums. After working in the graphic design industry, he decided to pursue filmmaking and then photography, as both a creative outlet and occupation. Growing up in and around the ocean has provided him with his favorite subject to photograph. The majority of his work is water-related and involves the oceanic lifestyle. He has also frequently incorporated his passions of traveling, nature, architecture and fashion into his work. "While I strive to capture what I see as beautiful, this is often not the perfect moment. Instead, light, textures, and the abstract nature of the earth are what truly fascinate me -- the human element and the infinite variables of emotion keep me on my toes when working with people," Maassen says.

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Courtesy Roman Neimann
Roman Neimann
Tallinn, Estonia
Neimann is a award-winning filmmaker and photographer who found his love for photography in 2003 and filming in 2004. About a year after composing his first photograph, he won an international action photo contest. One thing lead to another, and since 2006 he has been working as a freelance filmmaker and photographer. From 2009 on, he has been working mostly as a director of photography for music videos commercials and brand videos. He has never lost his love for what began his career, and has directed and edited 14 action sports movies to date.

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