X Games 2022 returns to California

X Games 2022 will return to Southern California - hosting BMX, Skateboard and Moto X competitions from three unique athlete training facilities from July 20-24.


X Games 2022 will return to Southern California - hosting BMX and Moto X competitions from two unique Monster Energy athlete training facilities at Slayground and SloanYard, as well as Skateboarding at California Skateparks' Training Facility from July 20-24.

New to this year's event, five-time X Games skateboard gold medalist Elliot Sloan and his backyard playground, the "SloanYard," become new hosts of X Games 2022, debuting the first and only MegaPark ramp at X Games. Axell Hodges' motocross compound will again host five Moto X disciplines with the addition of BMX Dirt joining the mix at the "Slayground" this year. The CATF will once again host Skateboard and BMX Street competitions; however, the BMX riders will join the Skateboarders at the CATF this year for Park competitions.

"I grew up watching X Games - to have it at my house is a dream come true and I don't think 13-year-old me would've ever believed it," said Sloan. "Creating 'The SloanYard' and MegaPark took a very long time and to see it all come together and be included in X Games is so awesome. Thanks to ESPN and Monster Energy for the opportunity and to Skatelite for re-sheeting all the ramps!"

All X Games 2021 and X Games Chiba 2022 gold medalists with returning disciplines will receive automatic invites to this year's summer event. For the current list of invited athletes, please visit XGames.com.

X Games 2022 Venues

courtesy Elliot Sloan

One of the gnarliest backyard ramp setups in the world, "SloanYard", is the brainchild of 13-time X Games medalist Elliot Sloan. Sloan created the first and only MegaPark ramp by adding an additional return gap and quarterpipe to the existing mini Megaramp. This will be the debut of the Skateboard and BMX MegaPark disciplines at X Games. His yard also includes a 100-foot Vert ramp, which will host Skateboard Vert and Vert Best Trick competitions.

Brett Wilhelm/ESPN

Growing up just outside the surf and skate mecca of Encinitas, California, X Games Moto X medalist Axell Hodges' "Slayground" originated at his childhood home. Though the property has always included a racetrack, Hodges' Slayground is now a full motocross compound complete with steep turns, quarterpipes, kicker ramps, wallrides, manual pads and massive dirt jumps. The third and latest installment of Hodges' Slayground video part series was filmed entirely at the compound. Slayground will play host to Moto X disciplines and will add a BMX Dirt course for 2022.

Brett Wilhelm/ESPN

The CA Training Facility is the first and only high-performance training center developed for skateboarding. CATF features both a full-sized concrete Street and Park courses created by the designers of X Games Street and Park courses. The CATF will be home to BMX and Skateboard Street, BMX Park, Dave Mirra's Park Best Trick and Skateboard Park competitions.

X Games 2022 Sport Disciplines


Park (M & W)
Street (M & W)
Street Best Trick
Vert Best Trick

Dave Mirra's Park Best Trick

Best Trick
Best Whip
QuarterPipe High Air

More than 15 hours of the best X Games 2022 competitions will air July 22 - 24 on ESPN, ABC and ESPN2, as well as ESPN+ and the ESPN App. All competitions will stream live on ESPN+ and be available on @XGames YouTube. X Games content will also be presented across the globe through international syndication partners.

X Games 2022 will be closed to the public with no spectators in attendance.

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