P.S. Episode 1: Tis The Season

P.S. Episode 1: Tis The Season

The ladies of the all-women snowboarding Web series P.S. have just released a teaser to herald the beginning of their third season.

Episodes will be released twice a month and follow Hana Beaman, Leanne Pelosi, Robin Van Gyn and friends as they ride and play in mountains across the world this winter. We are excited to announce that XGames.com will be the new online home for all the filmed shenanigans that are about to unfold.

For those not familiar with the series, P.S. is a wonderful little creation of Beaman's that has allowed us to get a better view into the world of women's snowboarding these past two years and to see riding that may not have been filmed otherwise. We're excited to be a part of it and figured a call was in order.

ESPN.com: It looks you've just been confirmed as one of two snowboarders in the X Games Real Women contest.
Hana Beaman:
Yeah, they just called me out of the blue. When the announcement was made about who was doing it, I was happy for [the women who were picked], but of course I thought that it would have been cool to be a part of. But I guess Kimmy [Fasani] just hurt herself on a jump in Mammoth and is out for the season. I haven't talked to her yet. It sucks. I feel really bad for her, but I'm stoked to have been picked to replace her.

You know the Real Series entries have to be all original footage, so will you have to save your bangers for that instead of the P.S. series?
I heard that, but I'm not really worried about it. We have a whole season to film, and we want to do a lot more behind-the-scenes stuff with our webisodes this year, so I think it will work out fine.

This is Year 3 for P.S. How did the series come about in the first place?
The whole reason I started it, originally, is I felt like I needed more control over how I was filming. I was tired of working all season and then having someone else decide at the end what was good enough to make it in a movie. A lot of stuff that we do and film doesn't end up going anywhere. I felt like I could use the stuff that was getting cut and still come out at the end of the year with a good product.

It was born out of necessity ... or me being stubborn.

We created our own audience, and it's been more effective. We can get it out to people who want to watch it instead of getting lost in a dude market.
Hana Beaman

Do you think you lose anything when you don't film for the traditional big name snowboard movies, trying to get a part alongside the guys?
Well, you have a broader audience in those movies, but at the same time, women get the short end of the stick. You get 30 seconds in a 30-minute movie.

With this we created our own audience, and it's been more effective. We can get it out to people who want to watch it instead of getting lost in a dude market.

How come you went the Web-series route instead of trying to do something like make an all-women snowboard movie?
In the beginning, I was really just trying to figure out how to travel with my own filmer, and creating my own content and Web series basically justified that. [Laughs] And that naturally evolved into involving more people in the project. But I have always wanted this to be super simple with minimal effort.

I don't want to be a producer; I want to be a snowboarder. You can do that with a Web series.

Are you going to put out a mini-movie at the end of this season, like you did with "Intervals" last year?
We might. "Intervals" was a "best of" of our riding over the season, and at the same time each of us had our own part in it. We figured instead of releasing individual full parts at the end, which get so lost sometimes with all of the other edits that people are putting out these days, we would have more impact if we packaged our stuff together. And I think it worked. We'll see what happens this year.

Courtesy P.S.

What are we going to see in P.S. this season?
This year will be interesting, because we have certain goals. Like I'm trying to see if I can make the Olympic slopestyle team and at the same time trying to film a backcountry part and do a double cork. Robin wants to get more into big mountain riding and AK lines. I'm not sure what Leanne is focusing on; she might be trying for the Olympics in Canada too.

Knowing how things go with us, there will probably be some drama. It'll be a little crazier. Last year was focused a lot on just snowboarding. This year is going to have a lot more behind-the-scenes stuff.

Will anyone besides you three be making appearances this year?
All the girls from last year are stoked and want to try to be a part of it as much as they can. We'll film with Gabi Viteri in Park City and Maria DeBari at Mount Baker and Canada. And then there is a new face from Canada on the Ride team, Claudia Avon, who is a super-strong rider who's really hungry, so we're going to take her out and see what she can do.

A new P.S. episode will drop here every two weeks all season. Check back to see how the winter unfolds.

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