Meet the Newcomer: Sandy Boville

Gill Montgomery

Sandy Boville won this year's Powder Video Award for Breakthrough Performer.

Sandy Boville's voice is upbeat and full of stoke. In January, he traveled to Park City, Utah, for Powder Magazine's Video Awards. Boville, a 22-year-old skier from Barrie, Ontario, made a last-minute decision to attend the awards after being nominated for Breakthrough Performer for his part in Toy Soldier Productions' 2012 film, "Act Natural." He and the Toy Soldier Productions crew drove from Keystone, Colo. -- where they were filming an edit -- to Utah and, much to Boville's surprise, he won. We recently caught up with him to talk about how he got his start and how the rest of his season went.

I started skiing when I was three years old at Mount St. Louis, Ontario. I didn't compete in moguls or racing, but took lessons until I was 10. I then started venturing into the park. I did summer camps of water ramping, threw some tricks, then got an invite from the Ontario Park and Pipe Team coaches. I was ranked #1 in halfpipe within Canada for a bit.

When I'm not traveling, I work with my home mountain. I help create edits throughout the season, and they do a big private shoot at the end of the year --it's for snowboarders, but they let me ride in it and film.

We were late showing up to the Powder Video Awards. That night we found out that Toy Soldier Productions was going to be in the Orage Masters, so we were all super stoked.

All of a sudden people were talking about who received Breakthrough Performer before me … Sean Pettit, Parker White, and then they showed my shots on the big screen. I couldn't breathe for a second, and don't remember what I said because I was so struck by the event.

I was thinking, 'Man, this is so cool, so many pros were there.' By the time I realized what happened, I called my parents, we had a great night and I'm definitely glad I changed my plans to be there -- it was the highlight of my winter.

I first got introduced to Toy Soldier Productions from Shay Lee. He told me to come film urban and we became good friends. Last year, we were planning on doing it really big -- we locked everyone in and I moved to Bozeman for two months to live with Shay. The filmers would pick me up every day, I shot my part and then went back for the spring shoot. It worked and we won best amateur film at IF3.

This season Toy Soldier Productions is taking a break. I'll be working with one of our filmers and creating edits, like we did at Keystone. Earlier this year I filmed with ESK and Downdays. I had a pretty loose schedule to put out more edits, film with other crews, and basically have a fun season.

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