Manny Santiago wins Select Series

Manny Santiago Wins SLS Select Series at X Games Foz do Iguacu 2013.

FOZ DO IGUAÇU, Brazil -- On day one of X Games Foz on Thursday, Street League held its first Select Series contest, which gives 10 invited pros and five local skaters the chance to qualify for Street League prelims to battle it out with Nyjah Huston and the rest of the pros. Manny Santiago won the Select Series and will be competing in the prelims on Friday.

Though contenders Keelan Dadd, Brandon Westgate and Jack Curtain couldn't make the trip to Brazil, the remaining skaters held their own. Contest veteran Greg Lutzka led the field against Santiago (2012's Real Street Fan Favorite runner up), Brazilian hero Felipe Gustavo, Evan Smith, Cory Kennedy and a slew of local Brazilian talent, including Rodolfo Ramos, Danilo Rosario, Lucas Xaparral and others.

It was Lutzka's contest to lose. In his usual fashion, Lutzka had the course dialed and riffled off his signature frontside 270 switch front boardslides and frontside 270 switch front blunts down the big rail with ease. His Flow Section run was nearly flawless while working every inch of the course and landing all his tricks bolts (his feet were over the bolts of the board).

But it was Santiago who topped the scoring charts with a variety of tricks that gave him the first Select Series win to catapult him into Friday's SL prelims. Santiago's winning runs consisted of frontside bigspin boardslides and kickflip backside 50-50s down the big rail, over-crooks on the flatbar, and an all-in-all smooth flow.

"I feel like I have goose bumps," Santiago said after realizing he out-scored Lutzka for the win.

Watch the live feed of the SLS prelims at X Games starting at 2 p.m. ET on Friday on ESPN3 and WatchESPN, where Santiago will go head to head with Huston, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler and the rest of the Street League pros.

SLS Select Series Final

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