Most Metal: Tanner Foust

Photo by José Mário Dias/ESPN Images

Foust gets ready to rip during the Ford RallyCross Seeding at X Games Foz Do Iguau 2013.

Tanner Foust is up for "Most Metal Athlete" in the fifth-annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards. He is the only racer to be named in the category, which pits him against Los Angeles Angels starting pitcher C.J. Wilson, UFC fighter Clay Guida, skateboarder Geoff Rowley, NFL tight end Tom Crabtree and WWE star Triple-H.

There are a lot of big names and big hair on that list. But, despite his clean-cut style, Foust's incredible car stunts definitely qualify him for the category.

"I think everybody has a little metal in them; mine usually doesn't come out until I have a helmet on," says Foust.

In addition to being a six-time X Games Rally medalist and professional racing driver, Foust has set multiple world records behind the wheel, including one for jumping 332 feet in a truck at the Indy 500 in 2011 and the Double-Loop Dare that saw him drive a full-scale car upside down through a six-story Hot Wheels loop-the-loop at X Games Los Angeles 2012. He most recently placed 7th in RallyCross at X Games Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil.

The awards, which will be presented May 2 at Club Nokia in downtown Los Angeles, will feature live performances by Metallica, Danzig and Anthrax, among others.

The driver says he grew up listening to Metallica and offers that a friend recently played him a song by Municipal Waste that he liked: "It's satirical party thrash. I could get into them."

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