15 Years Of Gonz


Iconic Gonzo art -- Shmoos holding hands.

Last Friday Adidas celebrated their 15-year partnership with skateboarding pioneer Mark Gonzales at Los Angeles' HVW8 Gallery with a photo show featuring pictures of Gonzales.

The exhibit, aptly titled "15 Years of Gonz," was a group photo show that illuminated the photographic history of Mark Gonzales and the Adidas brand. The show, curated by Gonzales himself, chronicles his antics, style, skill and captivating moments of repose.

15 years of Gonz

Gonzales, who lives between New York City and Paris, France, also has roots in the Bay Area through his sponsors and his board company, Krooked Skateboards. His international lifestyle lends itself to working with a variety of esteemed lensmen from around the world. The "15 Years of Gonz" exhibit features photographs by Skin Phillips, Brian Gaberman, Gabe Morford, Joe Brook and European shooters Sem Rubio and Benjamin Debert.

In addition to the framed images, Gonzales' own artwork was prominently featured on the exterior of the building, a massive two-story wall behind the space and a mural in the show. Even the individual photographers' names were spray painted in Gonzales' recognizable hand.

Skateboarders from multiple generations were on hand to support Gonzales, who Transworld Skateboarding magazine, in 2012, named the most influential skateboarder of all time. Attendees included skate luminaries such as Steve Olson, Alphonzo Rawls, Matt Hensley, Pat Ngoho, Vinny Ponte, Tino Razo, Eric Koston, Jerry Hsu, Jason Dill, Clint Peterson, Kenny Anderson, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Arto Saari, Dustin Dollin, Justin Strubing, Braydon Szafranski, Curren Caples and fellow Adidas skateboarding team riders Jake Donnelly, Pete Eldridge and Nestor Judkins.

"15 years is a long time. Mark Gonzales has been a member of the Adidas Skateboarding family inspiring, developing and nurturing the skateboarding program for 15 years. It is with great honor that we celebrate Gonz, not only for these past 15 years of adventure, but for having such an impact on our lives and making skateboarding what it is today. Here's to many more shared adventures along the way!" stated Adidas in a press release.

Fans from around the world will get the opportunity to check out the exhibit when it circles the globe in the coming months. Until then check out the exhibit or score one of the limited-edition prints at hvw8.com. For more information on the global tour of "15 Years of Gonz," go to adidas.com.

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