Bob Burnquist top X Games medalist

Bob Burnquist wins his fifth consecutive gold medal in Skateboard Big Air at X Games Munich 2013

MUNICH -- Bob Burnquist became the all-time leader in medals won at X Games with a gold-medal performance in Skateboard Big Air on Sunday.

He has now won five Big Air golds in a row and goes for six straight in Los Angeles next month.

"Everyone was skating so good, I just can't believe this is happening," the 36-year-old Brazilian said right after the win. "That's just an honor [to become the most decorated athlete in X Games history]. I've been skating X Games since Day 1. To be healthy and representing Brazil, I'm just stoked."

The 36-year-old beat Elliot Sloan, who took a hard fall in the first section of the two-part competition, and youngster Tom Schaar.

Burnquist now has 25 X Games medals to pass BMX legend and current RallyCross racer Dave Mirra.

During the first section of Big Air competition, during which riders were scored only on tricks over the ramp's gap, Burnquist set the stage by landing a switch backside 540 ollie, a competitive first that accounted for half of his overall final score.

After a slow start during the full-run section, Burnquist jumped from fifth place to the top of the leaderboard with the help of his signature Indy 360, pushing the 20-foot mark above the lip of the quarterpipe.

Early in the event, Sloan washed out and snapped his head back on the flat bottom at maximum speed. There was a delay as he was tended to, but the 24-year-old New Yorker shook it off, staying in the contest to pull off a tail-grab 720 over the gap and taking home the silver, his third medal of the 2013 X Games global tour.

Tom Schaar, 13, became the youngest medalist in Big Air history. On his way to claiming the bronze, Schaar spun a 720 over the gap and landed a melon 900 on the quarterpipe.

"Bob keeps saying I've got no fear," Schaar said. "I've got a little bit of fear but not much. I'm just having fun learning new tricks and skating with my friends."

Schaar, who has landed a 1080, said he's trying not to become a novelty.

"I've really been working at both the gap and going higher on the quarterpipe, because I don't want to just be known for the big spins," Schaar said. "I've got a couple of things I've been working on for Los Angeles to try to get a couple more steps up the podium, so I'll be looking forward to that for sure."

Injuries during practice sessions eliminated podium contenders Jake Brown (who was knocked unconscious and forced by medical staff to withdraw) and Mitchie Brusco (who injured his back).

"I always look forward to seeing Jake skateboard and I think that he could have skated, especially with the extra day there, but I think it was probably the right call on X Games' part to have him sit it out after hitting his head," Burnquist said.

Mountain Bike Slopestyle

Brett Rheeder edged out fellow Canadian Brandon Semenuk to win the first-ever X Games gold medal in Mountain Bike Slopestyle on the final event of the weekend at X Games Munich.

The two young slopestyle stars had waited all day for this moment, as high winds postponed the event for more than five hours. When they finally dropped off the starting ramp, they used their turn in the X Games' spotlight to show a serious flare for the dramatic.

Brett Wilhelm/ESPN

Brett Rheeder's big second run on the Slopestyle course at X Games Munich earned gold.

"This is unbelievable," said Rheeder. "We've wanted to have slopestyle in the X Games forever and to be the first one to win a gold medal in the event is easily the best result of my career."

With only Rheeder left to go behind him, Semenuk laid down a fast and fluid run filled with back flips, tailwhips and 360s to move into first place on his final run.

The 20-year-old Rheeder dropped in next with a 360 off the opening step down and followed that up with a barspin front flip, barspin backflip, barspin transfers and tailwhips throughout the middle section of the course. With only one jump left to go on the course on Munich's Olympic Hill, it was make or break for Rheeder to move into first. He rolled off the massive 30-foot step down and landed a smooth 360, pumping his fist as he rolled into the finish area.

Rheeder finished with a score of 97.33 that was just enough to eclipse the 96.00 that Semenuk received on the previous run. Spaniard Andreu Lacondeguy finished third for an X Games bronze medal.

The original start list for the finals had 10 riders, but only 6 rode in the final. Three of them -- Martin Söderström, Thomas Genon and Yannick Granieri -- bowed out of the competition because of the long delay and the windy course conditions earlier in the day. The fourth, German rider Peter Henke, sustained a left thigh contusion earlier in the day during the elimination round.

Street League Skateboarding

Chris Cole won his fourth X Games gold medal and his first Street League Skateboarding contest in front of a roaring and chanting crowd on Sunday, sharing the podium with his good friends Paul Rodriguez and Luan Oliveira.

"I feel like I doubly won, because it's X Games and Street League together," said Cole, who last won Skateboard Street gold at X Games in 2007 under a different competition format. "Actually, I triple won, because Paul and Luan really inspire me in the way they skate and the way they do their thing and deal with the pressure. To be up there with those guys makes it that much sweeter."

Cole trailed Shane O'Neill after the first two sections of the competition, Flow and Control, but he was the only skater in the field to land four tricks in the Impact section, where the score is based on the top four of six tricks.

"It's definitely nerve-wracking going into that final trick knowing you have to make it," Rodriguez said. "It's awesome to see Chris at the top because that's where he deserves to be. He found his groove today."

Oliveira's bronze is his second X Games medal, following a silver at X Games Los Angeles 2011, and he says he's aiming for a gold to round out the collection next month when X Games returns to Los Angeles.

Mark Kohlman/ESPN Images

Chris Cole won his first Street League and fourth gold medal at X Games by besting Paul Rodriguez on his final run. Cole ended the competition with a picture perfect 360 flip 50-50 grind down the Hubba ledge.

"It means a lot to me to be on the podium today with Chris and Paul, and it was a tough one," Oliveira said. "I worked super hard for this and was super focused. I'm stoked on third place and to be bringing a medal back to Brazil this week in the middle of a really crazy time back there."

Nyjah Huston -- the defending 2012 Street League champion who won gold at X Games Foz do Iguaçu and X Games Barcelona and also won the Street League stop in Kansas City, Mo., earlier this month -- did not compete in Munich due to a rib injury, but is expected to be back in action at X Games Los Angeles.


Toomas Heikkinen took home his first RallyCross gold medal at X Games Munich on a course that ran much different than the day before.

"I'm so proud of my team," Heikkinen said right after the win, getting mobbed in the pits by his crew. "They work so hard."

On a clear and sunny afternoon that stood in stark contrast to Saturday's mud and rain, Liam Doran, who took gold the day before on a flat tire, threaded the holeshot through the first turn in the 10-lap final. But he would lose his brief lead to Heikkinen through turn three. Tanner Foust slotted into the third place position, and there the leaderboard would stay through the checkered flag.

The 22-year-old Heikkinen from Finland has medaled at each of his X Games RallyCross appearances. Getting gold on Sunday fills out his collection of silver in April at X Games Foz and bronze on Saturday in Munich. Heikkinen is the youngest RallyCross medalist in X Games history.

Saturday's silver medalist Ken Block, gunning for his first RallyCross gold from the front row of the starting grid, false started and was sent briefly to the penalty box, where he lost considerable ground. Block finished the race in fifth, just behind X Games rookie Mattia Ekstrom.

Men's Enduro X

Taylor Robert ended the back-and-forth dynasty of Taddy Blazusiak and Mike Brown, who have won every gold in Men's Enduro X since its inception in 2011, with a win on the final day of X Games Munich.

"My first X Games medal and it's a gold, so not a bad way to get 'em started," Robert said. "Mike and Taddy are just amazing competitors and Taddy's probably won 90 percent of all endurocross races ever put on, so it's an amazing feeling to be up there on a podium with those guys."

Alfredo Gomez earned silver, while Blazusiak took the bronze.

Robert said racing in the Munich's Olympic Stadium allowed for a more expansive and challenging course, just the way he likes it.

"I actually like these bigger X Games runs and this one we had some really big ruts that made it a really challenging track, especially after it rained all week," he said. "It was really hard because the mud still came up through all the dirt. Pretty much every obstacle was wet, and when they get wet they get really slippery."

Robert's first full season of endurocross racing was in 2011, just in time to ride in the first X Games race. This is his first medal in five appearances.

Women's Enduro X

American rider Maria Forsberg regained her familiar perch atop the podium with a gold-medal win over Laia Sanz in Women's Enduro X.

Forsberg got off to a slow start and didn't get moving until the third of six laps.

"You've just got to stay mentally strong and you can't let a little crash or hangup get to you," Forsberg said. "That goes for the race today and for this whole season: Enduro X is mostly about perseverance and just sticking through the tough times."

Sanz fought through all six laps, nearly catching Forsberg toward the end, but she got stuck each time as she prepared to overtake her.

"Maria's very consistent and doesn't make many mistakes, and on a course like this it's very important. Once I got stuck it was impossible to catch her," Sanz said. "She's been a very strong competitor at all three of these events I've competed in, and Los Angeles is going to be a big rematch for sure."

Information from's Colin Bane, Dave L'Heureux and Keith Hamm was used in this report.

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