Odyssey introduces new Quik Slic Kable

Odyssey BMX

Odyssey BMX's new Adjustable Linear Quik Slic Kable eliminates the need for tools during installation.

In the realm of BMX technology, there are not too many new avenues to pursue circa 2013, unless we're discussing new polymers to adapt to plastic pegs or some wild internal/external rear brake cable detangler attached to KHE's line of 2014 bikes. But for the chosen few BMX riders out there that continue to rely on rear brakes without the use the detangler (Sunday's Alex Magallan, Terrible One's Joe Rich, and anyone riding the Posh trails on this particular weekend), there are new developments to discuss.

I try to keep product profiles more on the side of objectivity, but in Odyssey's case, it can get a little difficult. I think I bought my first Odyssey Slic Kable in the '80s, and in the many years since, I've been a loyal user because I know they work and I know they're designed for use on BMX bikes. But Odyssey doesn't rest on their laurels, and even though riding without brakes is go-to method for many BMXers these days, they've continued to refine their brand of braking technology for almost thirty years now. And that continues with Odyssey BMX's new Adjustable Linear Quik Slic Kable.

What makes the Quik Slic Kable so great? Easy. It's simple to install. The new version can be easily adjusted to cover three different lengths by utilizing the cable's unique straddle interface connection. This tool-free feature allows the Adjustable Quik Slic Kable to be a one-size-fits-all cable for virtually every braking configuration.

Odyssey BMX

Odyssey's new Adjustable Linear Quik Slic Kable retails for $13.99 and is available at better BMX shops everywhere.

That means you buy the cable, and if your BMX frame possesses the proper slotted cable stops and guides, you install the new brake cable without tools, throw a little Tri-Flow in there to make everything feel smoother, and get on with your day of fufanus and skids. No longer are you wrestling with a 10mm wrench on a straddle cable hanger to get your brakes in that near-perfect braking position. No longer are you trying to center that straddle cable hanger evenly between both brake arms. Odyssey has removed all of the added headaches with brake cable installation.

But that's not all they've done. The cable is also linear, meaning you don't need to run a detangler if you still want to throw in the occasional barspin or tailwhip. The Quik Slic Kable utilizes Linear K-Shield mesh housing, which offers a higher compression rate and lighter weight than most other brake cables. And the final, very valuable addition to this package for all twenty of us that are still psyched on straight rear brake cables, is the velcro strap included. I cannot stress how essential that tiny velcro strap is for precise braking. (It just is.)

Odyssey's new Adjustable Linear Quik Slic Kable retails for $13.99 and is available at better BMX shops everywhere. If you must skid, fufanu or abubaca, then you should support a brand that continues to push the envelope on braking technology.

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