Tanner Hall to debut solo film part

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Tanner Hall's new film part, "The Lost Season," debuts on iTunes on Oct. 26.

Tanner Hall could just retire from professional skiing now if he wanted to. He's already the most accomplished freeskier in the game with seven X Games gold medals, numerous Powder Video Awards and various other accolades. Although he returned to X Games competition last season after four years of sitting out due to injuries, Hall is looking toward a future that involves more filming than competition. We recently talked to Hall about his new project with filmer Kyle Decker called "The Lost Season," a seven-minute solo film part that drops on iTunes on Oct. 26, with proceeds going to benefit Alpine Initiatives.

XGames.com: How's it going?
Hall: Things are good. It's warm and I'm just waiting for things to get cold, ya know?

Tell me about "The Lost Season."
It was something Decker, [ski agent] Tom Yaps and I came up with. I've been sitting on a bunch of footage and I wasn't really filming with anybody this year. I was trying to figure out, 'Do I want to compete?' or 'Do I want to move on with filming?' That's why we're calling it "The Lost Season." It represents a point in my ski career where I felt lost in a way and found myself in a way, too. This edit represents the one season where I made the decision that I don't really support the FIS movement and the contest scene.

So if I'm hearing this, you're going to be strictly a film skier. No more competitions?
I can't really say that. At this point, I have a whole lot more ideas in my head about filming than I do about contests.

This is the first time you've worked with Kyle Decker on a project. Tell me about that.
Kyle is the man. I can't even say enough about the dude. I've known him, he's been a friend of mine, but to actually sit down and spend three straight weeks and really get down to business, it's pretty sick. You click with somebody and you don't have any worries or quarrels, it just makes the work so easy. There are no headaches.

This will be the second $2.99 iTunes model of the summer with your edit and Tom Wallisch's "The Wallisch Project." Is this the future? Is this where ski segments are going?
I really do think it's the future actually. This is an opportunity for athletes to film everything and put it into their own hands. It'll come back to the athlete a whole lot more than just filming for a movie. I think it puts a good look on our sport that somebody can be themselves and only represent themselves and not be in this long movie with anyone else. You can get a really good idea about who that person is, what the music is and how they ski. It's pretty sick to see how successful Wallisch has been and how successful "Rise and Shine" from skateboarder Nyjah Huston was. As time goes on, this is a good formula that can work.

Going into this winter, do you think this is something you'd like to do again or would you rather make a collaborative movie?
You know, I kind of started with Poor Boyz in this game and they're coming up to their 20th anniversary movie. I talked to Johnny [Decesare, Poor Boyz founder] and I'm stoked to be a part of the 20th anniversary project. I won't be repeating what I do this year, but in the future I'll definitely do it again because it just makes things easy in a way.

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