New Blood - Jeremy Leabres

Ben Karpinski

Jeremy Leabres snagged the first part in Emerica's "MADE" video with tricks like this kickflip krooks.

Who is Jeremy Leabres? If you've seen the Emerica video, "MADE" and the latest Toy Machine ads you won't be asking those questions any longer. Leabres comes from the Inland Empire in Southern California by the way of Corona. Leabres was Toy Machine's secret weapon (along with Blake Carpenter) during the 2013 King of The Road and since then, he's been secretly stacking footage and photos. Fast forward one year and he's Emerica's secret weapon too. Leo Romero hand picked Leabres for the Emerica team, which meant he's been doing something right. sat down with Leabres for a quick talk about Toy Machine, Forrest Edwards and the perks that come with his mom being a police officer. Who do you ride for and where do you live?
Leabres: I ride for Toy Machine, Emerica, RVCA, Pig Wheels, Independent, Bro Style, Union Leather Works and Active. I'm 19 years old and live in Corona, California.

What don't people know about your good friend Forrest Edwards?
He likes girl's toes.

Ben Karpinski

Leabres locks in a Hurricane grind in the Inland Empire.

Did Billy Marks get you on Toy Machine or did it just fall into place?
A little bit of both actually. Billy told me he would get me on Toy Machine but I didn't believe him. Then later on it all just sort of fell into place. I got put on the team at Olive Garden!

What's a typical day for Jeremy Leabres?
Pretty basic stuff -- I wake up, get coffee, then go to Santana park all day. That's pretty much it.

Has your mom ever arrested anyone you know for skating?
No, but she tried to find and was looking for Patrick Melcher once for reasons I can't say.

Do you get a pass from cops since your mom is one?
Nah, I wish.

List your top three bad habits.

Smoking, coffee and nail biting.

Best thing about riding for Toy Machine.

Toy Machine has the best shapes, best graphics and the best team!

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