X Games presents official Aspen 2020 ambassador program

X Games

Join the Official X Games ambassador program and access awesome perks for bringing your friends to X Games in Aspen. Upgrade you experience with free tickets, official merch, and even a behind the scenes tour. The more tickets you sell the better rewards you can earn!

What is the Ambassador Program?

The official X Games ambassador program is for our fans. Sign up with your email address or Facebook account and start selling tickets to your friends right away!

How does the program work?

Bring your friends to X Games and earn points for every sale you make. Earn enough points to redeem a reward in the shop. The more points you get the better rewards you can earn.

What are the rewards?

Sell enough tickets to score free entry, official merch, and XIP passes. The more tickets you sell, the better rewards you can earn!

Join here: Become an ambassador!

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