Ophelie David

Disciplines: SkiFrom: Alpe D'Huez, FRA FRABorn: 07/06/76

About Ophelie

Ophelie is called "the greatest ladies' ski cross racer of all time" by FIS. The 39-year-old French uber-mom had a four-peat from X Games (2007-2010). In a dramatic passing of the torch, Ophelie and Kelsey Serwa battled ski-to-ski at the end of XG Aspen 2011, carrying so much speed they crashed on the final jump. Ophelie settled for silver. Returning in 2012 for redemption, she was the only woman to hit the final kicker during practice, but she fractured her fibula. Ophelie has competed in the Olympics for two countries and in two sports: 1994 slalom for Hungary (DNF) and ski cross for France (9th in 2010, 4th in 2014).

  • Skier X four
  • peat, 2007
  • 2010. Just missed the five
  • peat at WX 2011, finishing 2nd to Canadian Kelsey Serwa when they crashed carrying too much speed over the final jump.
  • Crystal Globe awards from 2004
  • 2010.
  • 2007 FIS World Ski Champion (Ski Cross), 3 other podiums: 2005 & 2013 bronze, 2015 silver.
  • Called the "greatest ladies ski cross racer of all time" by FIS. She's had 104 World Cup starts, 62 podiums and 26 wins since 2002.
  • 9th in Ski Cross at the 2010 Winter Olympics; 4th in 2014. Both for France. Competed for Hungary in slalom at the 1994 Olympics.

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X Games Competition History

Winter X 2011 SKI Skier X2nd
Winter X 2010 SKI Skier X1st
Winter X 2009 SKI Skier X1st
Winter X 2008 SKI Skier X1st
Winter X 2007 SKI Skier X1st
Winter X 2006 SKI Skier X3rd
Winter X 2005 SKI Skier X7th
Winter X 2004 SKI Skier X4th
Winter X 2003 SKI Skier X6th