Julz Lynn

Disciplines: SkateboardFrom: Orange County, CA USA USABorn: 12/06/92

About Julz

Julz Lynn (formerly Julie Kindstrand) is a seasoned competitor who first appeared at X Games at age 15 (Women's SKB Vert). She has skills in vert and park but says empty swimming pools are her favorite. She took bronze in Skateboard Park at XG Barcelona '13 and has topped a number of podiums at big contests since then. She skates hard and fast, with a more aggressive style than many of her peers, and does several airs and inverts that are otherwise not seen in women's competition.
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  • Likes to skate fast. Clean lip tricks. Invert/handplant variations are her specialty. "Andrechts are the most fun. The way you scoop into it to plant your hand feels so crazy. I've been working on sad plants, eggplants, frontside handplants; I want to do them like Peter Hewitt or Steve Caballero, where it's a proper full handplant, not just a little hop."
  • Likes to skate anything, not just park. Says pools are her favorite: not pools in skateparks designed for skateboarding, but actual empty swimming pools.
  • Studies old skateboard videos from the 1980s for inspiration and learns tricks easily.
  • Trains hard, beyond just skating every day: yoga, step aerobics and dancing are her favorite workouts.

X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Austin 2016SKB Park8th
X Games Barcelona 2013SKB Park3rd
X Games 2010SKB Vert8th
X Games 2009SKB Vert5th
X Games 2008SKB Vert6th