Torin Yater-Wallace

Disciplines: SkiFrom: Aspen, CO USA USABorn: 12/02/95

About Torin

5-time X Games medalist Torin Yater-Wallace has overcome a series of obstacles on his way to ski stardom, something he talks about in his new documentary, Back to Life. The movie, which aired on ABC in mid-January as part of the World of X series, details the financial hardships Yater-Wallace's family faced early on as well as some of his serious health scares. A natural in the halfpipe, the Aspen native picks up tricks quickly. He has a natural feel for transition and he literally soars out of the pipe. The one-time prodigy owns two XG gold medals but has yet to win in front of the hometown crowd in Aspen.

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X Games Medal Count




X Games Competition History

X Games Aspen 2018 SKI SuperPipe3rd
X Games Aspen 2017 SKI SuperPipe6th
X Games Oslo 2016 SKI SuperPipe1st
X Games Aspen 2016 SKI SuperPipe5th
X Games Aspen 2014 SKI SuperPipe10th
Winter X Games Tignes 2013 SKI SuperPipe1st
Winter X Games Aspen 2013 SKI SuperPipe2nd
Winter X Games Aspen 2012 SKI SuperPipe3rd
Winter X 2011 SKI SuperPipe2nd