Jean Frederic Chapuis

Disciplines: SkiFrom: Val Thorens, FRA FRABorn: 03/02/89

About Jean Frederic

One could call Jean Frederic (Jean Fred) Chapuis an opportunist. When he realized he wouldn't progress through the French alpine system, he joined the Swiss team. When he maxed out there in 2010, he went back to France and was welcomed onto the French national skiercross team, where he's become their star. The 26-year-old's only XG to date was 2012, when he finished a 20th. However, he's hit his stride since then and enters X Games as a hands-down favorite. He's the 2014 Olympic gold medalist and 2015 Crystal Globe winner (overall FIS World Cup title. He also had three World Cup wins in the 2016 season.

  • Finished 20th at his first (and only) X Games, 2012.
  • Won the last event before X Games (CAN, Jan. 23, 2016).
  • Gold at the 2014 Winter Olympics.
  • 2nd at 2015 World Ski Championships (Kreischberg, AUT); 1st in 2013 (Voss
  • Myrkdalen, NOR).
  • Overall FIS Word Cup champ in 2015 (4th in 2014, 3rd in 2013).

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Winter X Games Aspen 2012 SKI Skier X20th