Ronnie Sandoval

Disciplines: SkateboardFrom: San Pedro, CA USA USABorn: 10/26/96

About Ronnie

Eighteen-year-old Ronnie Sandoval makes a lasting impression whenever he skates, usually throwing a crazy hand plant and 540 into his park run. He finished 6th at his first X Games in 2014, and big things are expected from him in 2015 with his mix of old school skating blended with tricks most skaters don't do, including an eggplant. The high school senior ran into another skater at a contest in fall 2013 and broke his humerus, and he took out a cameraman at X Games 2014. He recently moved in with his brother, Andy, who is in the Army.

  • Ronnie finished 6th at his first X Games in Austin 2014. The home--schooled 12th grader will graduate after competing in X Games 2015.

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X Games Competition History

X Games Austin 2014 SKB Park6th