Arianna Carmona

Disciplines: SkateboardFrom: Buena Park, CA USA USABorn: 09/09/98

About Arianna

A senior at John F. Kennedy High School in Buena Park, CA, Arianna Carmona received her first X Games invite via email while sitting in class; she started crying. Carmona skates both vert and bowl, mostly at the Vans, at the Block park. She turned pro at the 2014 Girls Combi Pool Classic and finished 5th. In 2014 she was ranked #1 in the World Cup Skateboarding rankings. She graduates from high school one week after X Games.

  • X Games rookie.
  • Turned pro at the Girls Combi Pool Classic (Jan. 2014) and finished 5th
  • Ranked no. 1 on the World Cup Skateboarding ranking in 2014.
  • 2nd place, Tim Brauch Memorial (July 2015).
  • 7th place pro vert at Exposure, 5th in pro bowl, Nov. 2015.

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X Games Competition History

X Games Austin 2016Women's Skateboard Park11