Robert Haslam

Disciplines: Snow BikeFrom: Seattle, Washington USABorn: 12/17/87

About Robert

Though his name isn't widely known at X Games, Robert Haslam has been a fixture in the small Pacific Northwest freestyle motocross scene for nearly a decade and is known for his Gumby-like elasticity with full extensions on every bar trick. He is the owner of JetCity FMX, booking freestyle demos at county fairs and monster truck rallies that he performs in along with riders from the U.S. and Canada. When he heard Snow Bike Best Trick would be debuting at XG Aspen 2018, he and his friend Kyle Demelo began working on modifications to Timbersled snow bike kits to make them more jump ramp-friendly, and promptly started sending them into a foam pit. He'd never been on a snow bike before this winter, but then again, neither have most of the other guys in the field. Look for big bar tricks and backflip variations.

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X Games Aspen 2018 Snow Bike Best Trick3rd